Materials Handling

The Ansir Group of Companies offer a single point of contact as a complete turnkey solutions provider offering system design, manufacture, installation, electrical controls design and installation, PLC and SCADA software.

Ansir Systems has over 30 years experience in the materials handling industry and pride ourselves on providing quality built equipment and systems that streamline your production ensuring a smooth, efficient process requiring fewer staff and greatly improving health and safety.

Ansir Systems design, manufacture and install high quality conveyors and conveyor systems to move loads in a wide variety of industries for a multitude of applications. We offer a single point of contact as a turnkey solutions provider and supply complete control systems, including software design and PLC integration.


Scaglia Indeva manipulators revolutionise the way in which material handling is done. A system that totally eliminates strain from manual labour by compensating the weight of loads and enabling operators to move objects as heavy as 250 kg easily and effortlessly.
The manipulators can be mounted on a variety of support systems depending on the area that needs to be covered. Mounting options include free standing columns with jointed arms, mono rails or bridge cranes. Support structures can be supplied by Ansir or mounted to existing structures at the customer’s premises.

Scissor Lift Tables

Hymo scissor lift tables offer value for money solutions to lifting related problems at virtually all workplaces. The height adjustable platform ensures a comfortable working position which helps to improve efficiency and enhance the quality of finished work. Adjusting the working height is smooth and easy due to the constant raising/lowering speed over the entire lift travel. The scissor lift’s robust pivotal arms and torsion bars combine to provide exceptional stability and make the Hymo range of scissor lift tables a pleasure to use.

Ansir Systems offer the following equipment and services:

  • Belt Conveyors
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Carton Handling Systems
  • Pallet Handling Systems
  • Warehousing Systems
  • Carton Elevators
  • Pallet Dispensers
  • Manipulators
  • Lift Tables
  • PLC Software
  • Electrical Control Systems
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